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Introducing the Alpha Bands

The Ultimate Full Body Workout Companion

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Target Your Legs & Glutes

This is not your run-of-the-mill resistance bands. Although the glutes and legs are the largest and most powerful muscle groups in the human body, they often go dormant due to lifestyle choices, leading to a flat, saggy butt or flabby legs. Glory Bands is the cure.

Which Glory Bands are right for me?

What People Are Saying
I started using the Glory Bands to shape, lift, and plump my glutes. Now I'm using 2 pairs of Intensity Bands through my entire workout! I'm a true believer in the Glory Bands!
Cassandra Rodgers
I love the Glory Bands! They really work your legs and glutes! I love the immediate resistance you get as soon as you put them on. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. Best decision I've made!
Sanice Bell
I saw the Glory Bands on Instagram and thought it would be a great addition to my off season conditioning for softball. They really added a lot of explosion to my overall ability to run, jump, and swing the bat. I highly recommend them!
Andre Barfield
I decided to do a 10 minute quick workout with the Glory Bands! These bands will enhance your workout and take it to the next level!
Temitayo Agoro
Glory Bands have given me amazing strength in my quads! I love these bands and can't wait to add more bands to my workout!
Dorsel Blackwell


It just keeps getting better. The Alpha Bands are the ultimate companion for a full body workout. These bands are great for any fitness level and can be used for home workouts or the gym. They work your upper body and lower body, taking your workouts to the next level.


These bands have 70 pounds of resistance and are great for a high rep - low weight workout. Fatigue is the great equalizer with these bands.


Just when you think we couldn't charge up your workouts anymore, here comes a new level of resistance! Introducing the GRAVITY BANDS with 120 pounds of resistance!


These bands have 90 pounds of resistance and are great for a low rep - high weight workout. INTENSITY will shock your muscles into both size and strength. They are a perfect companion to your strength training routines.

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